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The BEER TIPS Program is the most audacious global grassroots crypto adoption program ever undertaken at a retail and small business level.

With BEER Token leading the charge, we’re introducing local bars, breweries, clubs, pubs and franchises, to Stellar, BEER and CRYPTO TIPS for venues and staff in a fun and familiar way. 

And WE WANT YOU to join the program.

We are looking for quality bars, breweries, clubs, pubs and franchises who love their customers, beer, food, wine, music and all that to implement BEER Tips in their business and for your staff and servers. 

Adding BEER Tips to your venue lets your loyal customer tip the venue and your servers in crypto. 

If this sounds like you, and you are genuinely interested in representing BEER Token, and possibly other Stellar Tokens in your business, then you are in the RIGHT PLACE. 

Complete the form, click on NEXT and let's get started.

The Stellar BEER Token Team.

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