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Fun and familiar peer-to-peer digital assets, connecting the community of beer lovers, business and industry around the world. Designed for spending, shopping, sending, saving and doing business everyday with BEER Tokens.

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BEER Token

BEER Token is a fast, cheap and secure token issued on the Stellar Blockchain Network, created to help breweries, beer lovers, family and friends around the world, that is low cost, sustainable and fun.

Token Symbol: BEER

Token Name: Beer Token

Supply: 5B

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ALE Token

Token Symbol: ALE

Token Name: Ale Token

Supply: 1B


Token Symbol: CIDER

Token Name: Cider Token

Supply: 5B


Token Symbol: GRAIN

Token Name: Grain Token

Supply: 100M

HOP Token

Token Symbol: HOP

Token Name: Hop Token

Supply: 100M

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IPA Token

Token Symbol: IPA

Token Name: IPA Token

Supply: 1B


Token Symbol: LAGER

Token Name: Lager Token

Supply: 1B


Token Symbol: STOUT

Token Name: Stout Token

Supply: 1B

TIP Token

Token Symbol: TIP

Token Name: TIP Token

Supply: 10B


CHEERS Token is the reward token of the BEER Token, DRINKS and VEND family. CHEERS Token is a digital Thank You, a Stellar way to give gratitude, crowdfunding, or use for peer to peer payments, rewards and loyalty programs. 

BEER Token holders can earn 1%+ per month of their holding from the total amount issued, distributed randomly through the month in CHEERS Token. Rewards to BEER Token holder start calculating in January 2022. Buy, Trade, Swap and Sell CHEERS anytime.

Token Symbol: CHEERS

Token Name: CHEERS Token

Supply: 50B tokens. 

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All BEER Tokens can be transferred in seconds across the Stellar network, without any banks or middleman, and costs less than a few cents per transaction.


Stellar Network powers BEER Tokens and many others, it’s the most secure and advanced blockchain system in the world..

100% Private

Payments and transfers with BEER Tokens and other Stellar assets on the network, are done directly between the sender and receiver of the tokens.


As verified Stellar Assets, BEER Tokens is exchangeable with many Stellar assets in the Stellar Network.

Seamless Transfers

BEER Tokens can be directly sent to anyone anywhere in the world, without restriction or 3rd party intervention.

Lightning Fast

Sending, swapping or trading BEER Tokens and any asset on the Stellar Network is almost instant and takes only a few seconds to send or receive funds across the network.

Lowest Fees

Whether sending $1.00 or $100M in tokens, the the average transaction fee is around 0.00001 XLM to 0.001 XLM per transaction.

Dedicated Platforms

BEER Tokens are only available through Stellar wallets and exchanges, no other middleman, bank, or intermediary is required,


Being part of the Stellar Blockchain Network makes BEER Tokens a green, efficient and sustainable digital asset compared to others.

and say G'Day to 'some' of our extended StellarDrinks Family.

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WINE Token

Token Symbol: WINE

Token Name: WINE Token

Supply: 5B


Token Symbol: COFFEE

Token Name: COFFEE Token

Supply: 5B

TEA Token

Token Symbol: TEA

Token Name: TEA Token

Supply: 5B


Token Symbol: WATER

Token Name: Water Token

Supply: 5B


Token Symbol: MILKSHAKE

Token Name: Milkshake Token

Supply: 100M

All tokens issued on the Stellar Network can be bought, sold, and traded on the Stellar DEX, via any of the following XLM wallet ports;,,, , Interstellar Exchange, and