About BEER Token

The digital token for BEER on the Blockchain

Fun. Fast. Green. Cheap.

Welcome BEER lovers and future BEER-llionaires, 

Pull up a seat at our virtual bar and grab yourself a BEER Token, 0% Alcohol 100% Digital.

BEER Token, the one and only, lives on the XLM, XRP and SOLANA networks, is designed as a fun and familiar peer-to-peer digital asset for the community of beer lovers, creators, breweries to the bars, clubs, pubs and beertenders who serve up the golden nectar of the gods.

BEER Token can be used between people and businesses as a form of payment for food, drinks, entertainment, event entry, wagering, store of value, rewards, loyalty, fundraising and more..

Whether paying for drinks with BEER, a meal with BEER, tipping venues and staff with BEER, saving BEER as an investment, sending BEER to family and friends to help, BEER Token will reshape the way people and business send, spend, save, earn, and lend money in the future.

Our Vision
BEER Token is a vision of the future economy, designed to help people transition and adapt to crypto in a fun and familiar way for dining, drinking, grocery shopping, sending, saving, and doing business every day.

BEER Token is a fun and familiar digital asset, designed for the licensed hospitality trade, connecting beer brands, pubs, clubs, people and businesses to crypto, NFT's, AR, and the Metaverse in an easy, and entertaining way.

Blockchain Features.

BEER Token is available on compatible wallets and exchanges connected to Stellar Networks, XRP Ledger, and Solana Network

Safe & Secure

Full security, transparency and traceability of transactions on the blockchain explorers.

100% Private

All payments and transfers are done directly between the sender and receiver of the tokens.


BEER Token can be sent, swapped and traded on XLM, XRP and SOL exchanges and wallets.

Seamless Transfers

Send BEER to anyone anywhere in the world, without restriction or 3rd party intervention.

Lightning Fast

Send, swap and trade almost instantly, and takes only a few seconds to send or receive funds.

Low Cost

Eliminate fees forever, send funds to anyone, anywhere for less than the cost of a few cents.

Dedicated Platforms

Use your favorite non-custodial browser based or mobile wallet from anywhere.


Like true BEER, this BEER is green, efficient and sustainable compared to other digital assets.


BEER Token is available on Stellar, Solana and XRPL Networks through compatible wallets and exchanges. 

Click on each blockchain for instructions.


Stellar is an open network for creating, storing, sending and moving money quickly, at low cost, almost instantly.


Solana is a fast, low cost, decentralized blockchain built to enable scalable, user-friendly apps for the world.


The XRP Ledger (XRPL) is a fast, low cost, decentralized, public blockchain enabling a host of use cases.