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The BEER Bottle Bros

an exclusive series of 99 NFT digital collectibles

... 99 Bottle Bros of Beer on the wall ...

The BEER Bottle Bros are a fun digital collectible series of only 99 one-of-a-kind pieces created by our resident NFT artist Sir Cheesely for the CHEERS Rewards Program.

There are a limited number minted of each Bottle Bros, and a few special brews released along the way. 

Each Bottle Bro is hand-crafted and carefully brewed to create a unique and rare art piece, each bottle has its own story, so stay tuned to the BEER Chat to learn more about this pack of BEER Bros.

Every few weeks a Bottle Bros is cracked open and shared with a few lucky BEER Lovers who contribute to selected Liquidity Pools.

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Bottle Bros #01

The first Bottle Bros in the series minted on the Stellar network, and staying cool in our BEERMint on Litemint. 

Bottle Bros #02

Say g'day to our little fren, Bottle Bros #02 recently cracked open. A Very cool brew. On Tap Now.

Bottle Bros #03

Well "Beer Me" its Bottle Bros #3, an original brew, celebrating the Tiger within you. 

Bottle Bros #04

Behold Bottle Bros #4, a freshly brewed RARE digital collectible available exclusively via auction.

Bottle Bros #05

Don't jive with Bottle Bro Digital Collectible #5 with the beery eyes, ready, waiting, and watching your move. 

Bottle Bros #06

Where brains meets BEER, a geeked brew, who looks the part with the square glasses, pen in pocket and a glitch cap.

Bottle Bros #07

Celebrating a year of BEER. A Special Edition Bottle Bro to celebrate BEER Token's 1st Birthday.

Bottle Bros #08

Celebrating a year of BEER. Special Edition Bottle Bro V2 to celebrate BEER Token's 1st Birthday.

Bottle Bros #09

Meet Bottle Bros #09. Featuring a flicker of froth on the wall, a sly smile and cool shades hiding some BEER happiness.

Bottle Bros #10

Behold the bucked toothed beauty of Bottle Bro #10. Rockin those cool square specs, and signature geek out, glitched up look.

Bottle Bros #11

Never fear Bottle Bros #11 is here. A fine, fresh zesty brew made with shades of green and citrus hues, and much BEER love for you.

Bottle Bros #12

Bros #12 is looking at you. It's the look you get when you don't have any BEER. A reminder to not get caught with an empty fridge.

Bottle Bros #13

Presenting freshly brewed BEER Bottle Bros #13, like a magic genie, it's mysteriously appeared. Lucky 13 for some, we say lucky brew for everyone.

Bottle Bros #14

Who knew this brew would have a hue for you. Say hello to the new Bottle Bro #14. A brash brew, with fun pink, blue, red neon surrounded by a citrus fuzz.

Bottle Bros #15

What a day to be alive knowing BEER Bottle Bro one-five has arrived. He's the new brew on the team, with a a big warm BEER welcome to BB #15.

Bottle Bros #16

BOO! How do you brew? With a little hopple and spice and all things nice, this new #16 CHEESELY Pumpkin Bottle Bro for Hallo-BEER-ween is brewed special for YOU!

Bottle Bros #17

Slap on your lederhosen, OKTOBERFEST is here. Say hello to Bottle Bro 17, guaranteed to be on his wurst behavior without a BEER.

Bottle Bros #19

Say hi to BB one-nine. A new brew showing off his coppery hues, a golden and yellow looking fellow from to much fun in the sun.

Bottle Bros #20

We are a fifth of the way there with a new Bottle Bro on the wall brewed for you. BB #20 who comes with plenty of BEERlicious fun for you.

Bottle Bros #21

Have fun with BB21. A colorful brew with hues of hoppy greens, stouty browns, orange, reds and blues created especially for you.

Bottle Bros #22

Behold Bottle Bro 22, the last BEER Bro for the 2022 year. A special Cheesely MP4 brew, with his glitchy kitschy beery blue hue for you.

Bottle Bros #23

Twenty twenty three, the year of BEER. CHEERS to a pint of joy and a mug of BEER, Bottle Bro 23 is here to make this your fun filled year.

Bottle Bros #24

Raise your glass high and toast this cool 24th brew, he's not just a number, but a symbol of STELLAR good times and fortune brewing for you.

Bottle Bros #25

Welcome to Bottle Bro 25 on the wall, a dark brew that makes any beer lover enthrall. This Bottle Bro is filled with the deepest of hues for you.

Bottle Bros #26

Raise your glass to the number 26, a new Bottle Bro added to the mix. He's a true brew who brings BEER lovers together through and through.

Bottle Bros #27

Say CHEERS to Bottle Bro #27. He's here to drink, and have some fun. Celebrate, have a ball, and CHEERS to Twenty-Seven Bottle Bros on the wall.

Bottle Bros #28

Its Bottle Bros 28, this one stands tall and proud on the BEER Bro wall. We know one thing for sure, this brew is worth waiting for.

Bottle Bros #29

Next in line is the newcomer in Bottle Bro #29. A brew that's been brewed especially for you with some Cheesely love and time..

Bottle Bros #30

Cheers to you with a new Cheesely brew. BEER Bottle Bro #30 is here. This one is a true delight with a flavor that is out of sight.

Bottle Bros #31

In the realm of brews, a new legend is born, Bottle Bro 31, a Stellar BEER to adorn. From the hands of the Cheesely Brewmaster he was made

Bottle Bros #32

Say Hi to Bottle Bro 32, a new Cheesely brew that you can view. A real STELLAR masterpiece that is secure, rare and beyond compare.

Bottle Bros #33

We can hear your CHEER as BB #33 is here. A new Cheesely digital creation, crafted to be a visual sensation, that BEER lovers will adore.

Bottle Bros #34

Behold the green-hued magic of Bottle Bro #34, a STELLAR Cheesely brew and coveted collectible for you to keep in a safe place.

Bottle Bros #35

Say Hi to Bottle Bro 35! A new Cheesely pixel and code that's come to life. Meticulously crafted to be a BEER lovers visual delight.

Bottle Bros #36

Let's welcome a new Stellar BEERY delight in Bottle Bro 36 who shines with an orangery bright hue, freshly brewed just for you.

Bottle Bros #37

CHEERS to a new brew with a golden hue, he's Stellar Bottle Bro #37, a true slice of BEER heaven, a collectible wonder with a sheen for you.

Bottle Bros #38

Oh Bottle Bro #38 our newly brewed greeny blue mate to behold! A Stellar brew to trade, collect, or keep and take anywhere.

Bottle Bros #39

In the world of Stellar NFT's, a new BEERY tale unfolds about Bottle Bro #39, the next Cheesely story to be told, making a stand in Stellar Land.

Bottle Bros #40

Welcome to Bottle Bro #40, a fresh brewed Cheesely treasure that's yours to have and to hold, a bold BEER milestone to behold.

Bottle Bros #41

A token of laughter to brighten your day with blues, pinks reds and yellows poppin away. He's the new one, in Sir Cheesely's Bottle Bros #41

Bottle Bros #42

We're up to Bottle Bros #42, seemed so far away, but here's here now, Hooray! A new digital creation thrives, brewed up with Cheesely's vibes.

Bottle Bros #43

Welcome BEER lovers to the digital fray, say Hi to Bottle Bros #43, a new Sir Cheesely brew making his psychedelic display.

Bottle Bros #44

In the digital shadows, where Stellar BEER secrets abound, Bottle Bros #44, a newly brewed Sir Cheesely ninja is found

Bottle Bros #45

Pixels dance and gleam, like vivid colours froth in a blurry BEERy dream. Bottle Bros #45 comes from a realm so surreal, just like a colour wheel.

Bottle Bros #46

Step into the light of BEER Bottle Bros #46, a pixelated journey of colourful hues that unfold, this one has some stories to be told.

Bottle Bros #47

Grab your slice of BEER heaven and say CHEERS to Bottle Bros #47. A new rare digital affair for collectors of CHEESELEY fare.

Bottle Bros #48

Have you seen your new BEER mate in Bottle Bros #48? A lean, Green, carb free, CHEESELEY packed, fine, digital design on the scene.

Bottle Bros #49

Welcome BEER collectors to this STELLAR digital spree, behold Bottle Bro #49, a new CHEESELY masterpiece for you to see.

Bottle Bros #50

Behold! A sight to make you grin, Bottle Bro#50 bold and bright. A milestone brew standing tall on the CHEESELY'S BEER wall.