The BEER Bottle Bros

an exclusive series of 99 NFT digital collectibles

... 99 Bottle Bros of Beer on the wall ...

The BEER Bottle Bros are a fun digital collectible series of only 99 one-of-a-kind pieces. There are a limited number minted of each Bottle Bros, and a few special brews released along the way. 

Each Bottle Bro is hand-crafted and carefully brewed to create a unique and rare art piece, each bottle has its own story, so stay tuned to the BEER Chat to learn more about this pack of BEER Bros.

Every few weeks a Bottle Bros is cracked open and shared with a few lucky BEER Lovers.

Check out our BEERMint Store on Litemint for the whole series and more.

Bottle Bros #01

The first Bottle Bros in the series minted on the Stellar network, and staying cool in our BEERMint on Litemint. 

Bottle Bros #02

Say g'day to our little fren, Bottle Bros #02 recently cracked open. A Very cool brew. On Tap Now.

Bottle Bros #03

Well "Beer Me" its Bottle Bros #3, an original brew, celebrating the Tiger within you. 

Bottle Bros #04

Behold Bottle Bros #4, a freshly brewed RARE digital collectible available exclusively via auction.

Bottle Bros #05

Don't jive with Bottle Bro Digital Collectible #5 with the beery eyes, ready, waiting, and watching your move. 

Bottle Bros #06

Where brains meets BEER, a geeked brew, who looks the part with the square glasses, pen in pocket and a glitch cap.

Bottle Bros #07

Celebrating a year of BEER. A Special Edition Bottle Bro to celebrate BEER Token's 1st Birthday.

Bottle Bros #08

Celebrating a year of BEER. Special Edition Bottle Bro V2 to celebrate BEER Token's 1st Birthday.

Bottle Bros #09

Meet Bottle Bros #09. Featuring a flicker of froth on the wall, a sly smile and cool shades hiding some BEER happiness.