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The art on a beer tells the story that the beer inside can't. It's the BEERspiration in view outside, in lieu of the brew inside. 

The BEER Art Program is designed to support emerging and established artists, and is open to artists from all genres to express and share your brews on BEER through your work which could get onto a label for a BEER.

Showcase as many label design ideas, packaging collections, to social graphics and memes as you like.

Artists retain the rights to any designs submitted. Design that are selected for a label will be awarded a $500 prize for their work, promotion through social communities, and opportunity to work collaboratively on art residencies, NFT sales, digital showcases, art exhibitions, merch and more.

BEER Art Submissions for 2023 Now Open

Step 1. Register and set up your artist profile

Step 2. Upload your art. Submit as many pieces as you like

Step 3. Link your BEER Art portfolio to your social profiles


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