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Stellar BEER Token is a digital crypto asset issued on the Stellar Blockchain Network. It’s an innovative digital currency designed for hospitality, food, beverage, sports and gaming industries. Just like the golden olden days, BEER Tokens can be used to pay for drinks, food, entertainment, tipping and as a form of payment between people and businesses which can be sent instantly to anyone, anywhere in the world in seconds for less than a few cents.

About XLM BEER Token
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Beer Token

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Token Description
BEER Token is a fast, cheap and secure token issued on the Stellar Blockchain Network, created to help breweries, beer lovers, family and friends around the world, that is low cost, sustainable and fun.

Conditions of Token
There are a total of 5,000,000,000 BEER TOKENS now and forever. The issuing account is permanently locked! Do not spend more than you are willing to invest and remember to Drink Responsibly. CHEERS!

BEER Token on Stellar Explorer

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Connect the trustline and get BEER.

Lobstr Wallet

Get BEER on Stellar network using Lobstr Wallet in a few easy steps.

1. Download Lobstr Wallet from the Apple Store or Google Play store or visit www.lobstr.co to signup online. 

Write down your security words and create a unique Stellar Address that you can send and receive funds from.

2. Fund Your Account with Stellar XLM from within Lobstr using VISA or Mastercard via MoonPay or send XLM from a crypto exchange account to your Lobstr wallet. 

3 Add "BEER" to your Lobstr Wallet by scanning the QR code below or search for beer.stellarmint.io in Lobstr to add BEER to your asset list.

BEER Token QR Code

Scan the QR Code to connect BEER trustline in Lobstr.


As a verified STELLAR Asset, BEER Token can be bought, sold, and traded with other XLM tokens on XLM compatible web wallets and exchanges. 


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