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What is PapayaBot?

PapayaBot is a Telegram based Tip Bot and multi-currency wallet with over 70+ currencies supported and more being added.

Send BEER Everywhere 

Now you can TIP Beers in the Telegram chat and send BEER Token to your Telegram friends anywhere in the world via the PapayaBot.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a popular peer-to-peer messaging app that is private and secure and can be used on desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android

Here's how

Step 1 - Connect PapayaBot.

1. Connect with @PapayaBot on Telegram

2. Enter /start to register

3. Click on WALLET

4. Click on RECEIVE to view your Papaya address (will be something like username*papayabot.com)

5. Once set up in Papaya, send BEER Token from Lobstr to your Papaya Address

TIP BEER in the Stellar Beer Token Telegram chat... 

Once you have transferred some BEER Token from Lobstr, then you can SEND BEER:

To TIP BEER in chat use this shortcode:

/tip @telegramusername XX BEER

example: /tip @beerlover 20 BEER

SEND BEER via Papaya

You can send BEER to anyone on Telegram as long as they have PapayaBot set up too.

1. Go to PapayaBot

2. Click on Wallet

3. Click on Send

4. Select the currency, BEER

5. Enter recipient, it can be either the Telegram username or full Stellar address

6. Enter the amount you want to send

7. Click the Blue arrow to send.


Need Help?

If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out in the BEER Token Telegram community, there are plenty of members who can assist.