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Earn 50% Commissions - For BEERTERNITY

Use your social networks, YouTube channel, podcast, or blog to promote The BEER Directory and eMagazine. You get paid every time a brewery signs up... and for all of their future renewal payments!

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Become a BEER Ambassador

Signup local breweries, bars, clubs, and pubs near you and earn, while educating people and businesses about Stellar, at the same time, helping create and curate the world's largest beer, brewery and venue database and eMagazine with us.

Conversion Tools

Access our full suite of marketing materials which includes media kit, banner ads, screenshots, logos, social posts, and more to help boost conversion.

Dedicated Support

We’re here to help with whatever you need to succeed. We'll provide you with all the support, including creative assets, templates and marketing materials to hit the ground running.

Earn Uncapped Commission 

Commission Breakdown

Earn 50% commission on each brewery member you sign up, and also for each beer or cider they want to feature on their portfolio. 

Directory Listing
A directory listing for a brewery or business is $495 per year which includes a profile in both, the BEER Directory and full page profile in the BEER + FOOD eMagazine. 

Product profiles
Breweries can also add products to their profiles. Product profiles for beer and ciders is $250 per product per year. 

As an example, if an ambassador signs up a brewery member advertising 10 beers, it would be a $2995 membership fee per year. An ambassador would earn 50% of this fee annually.

Premium Advertising Options

Earn an additional 50% commission on premium advertising opportunities targeted to brands and breweries that want to feature more prominently in the BEER Directory and BEER + FOOD PDF and Flipbook eMagazine. 

Prime Pages

  • Inside Front Cover
  • Inside Back Cover
  • Outside Back Cover

Page Ads

  • Double Page Spread
  • Single Page
  • Half Page
  • Quarter Page

Web Banners and Advertorial Features

  • Web Banners
  • Featured Article
  • Social Posts

Bonus Rewards 

Rewards and Bonuses

If you know about crypto and BEER this level is for you. 

Earn super exclusive NFT's, BEER Token and other token rewards by connecting breweries, brands and venues to the Stellar and XRPL Network, helping set up digital wallets, provide education, implement specialized activities, and much more.

From NFT Programs, BEER Labels, BEER Tips, to a BEER Token Crowd Fund, Ambassadors are the Go-To-Experts for local businesses on how to implement crypto utility in a fun, familiar way.