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Say Thanks with BEER Token

100% easier, faster, cheaper to tip a local.

Tipping staff for service is an age-old tradition, that usually relies on you the customer on being in the venue to do that.

With BEER Token, we’re taking that one step further, and making it 100% easier, faster, cheaper to tip your local from anywhere in the world. Show your appreciation and tip your favourite BEERs, BARTENDER, BREWERIES, VENUES, STAFF to SPORTS CLUBS, and send them a BEER Token tip, no matter where they are in the world.  

Tipping, Sending & Receiving XLM BEER Token using LOBSTR Wallet.

Step 1. Download Lobstr Wallet from the Apple Store or Google Play store or visit lobstr.co to signup online. Write down your security words and create a unique Public Stellar Address that you can use to  send and receive BEER Token and other funds from.

Step 2. Fund your account with Stellar XLM. Either purchase XLM from within Lobstr, or transfer XLM from your crypto exchange account.

Step 3. Add BEER as an asset. Click on ASSETS in the left menu and click on the + icon. Scan the QR Code or search for beer.stellarmint.io

Step 4. If you are receiving a BEER Token Tip from someone, that's all you need to do. For venues, copy the QR Code and place it on the poster of your choice, print off however many you need and put them up around the venue for patrons to see.

Step 5. If you are sending a BEER Token Tip to someone: Swap or Trade XLM with BEER. Click SEND, add the recipient's Stellar or Federation Address, select BEER Token from your asset list, enter the amount of BEER Token you want to send. Click SEND.

Scan on Lobstr.co mobile wallet to accept BEER trustline

BEER Token Trade Marketing Materials

For Breweries, Bars, Pubs and Venues. 

Tap into a new opportunity and add crypto tips today.

(Just Add YOUR QR Code in the white box on your chosen poster)

Version 1

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Version 2

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Version 3

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Version 4

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Version 5

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Version 6

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Version 7

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Version 8

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BEER Token Tips Business Card

If you are a holder of BEER Token and want to tip servers and staff at your local bars, cafes, pubs and restaurants, use the BEER Token Tips Business Card Template to hand out. It offers some easy instructions to connect with Lobstr, XLM, and BEER Token.

BEER Tips Business Card Template v1


BEER Tips Business Card Template v2