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BEER Ambassador Program (Updated)

BEER Ambassador Program (Updated)

Become a BEER Ambassador?

Our goal at BEER Token if you haven't picked it up already is to introduce people and business to crypto, and encourage adoption and usage in a fun, familiar and entertaining way, especially newcomers to the space.

The world is not ready to fully transact with crypto at a retail level yet like buying a beer or a meal, it’s coming soon through Point of Sale systems like VEND, and what better way to introduce local bars, clubs, pubs and staff to crypto, and help them get prepared and involved in crypto, than through local ambassadors.

Kicking off in selected countries around the world, the BEER Ambassador Program is the most audacious global grassroots adoption program for crypto ever to be undertaken at a retail and small business level.

We are looking for passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers, who love crypto, beer, food, wine, music and all that to take BEER Token to their local bars, clubs, pubs, liquor stores and venues in your area and help introduce us to the world. As an ambassador you will be helping to pave the way for the future digital economy onboarding businesses around you.

Sound like you? Get started and apply today.


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