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Posted 01/10/2023 in Resources

Beer Flavor Descriptors. Describe the taste of beer like a pro. (Download)

Beer Flavor Descriptors. Describe the taste of beer like a pro. (Download)

The best part of learning about beer is in the tasting. There are so many ways to describe the look, taste and characteristics of a brew. As you embark on your journey to beer geek-dom, here are some common technical terms used by the beer boffins to describe the flavor and qualities of beer.

The Beer Flavor Wheel was developed back in the 1970's by Dr. Morten Meilgaard and has become the standard world. Thanks to http://www.beerflavorwheel.com, the Beer Wheel has been recreated for everyone to use and enjoy.

Download the full BEER Flavor Wheel

Green apple-like aroma and flavor.

The aroma, flavour, and warming effect of ethanol and higher alcohols and if the mouthfeel and flavour is detectible, mild, noticeable, strong or harsh.

Puckering, lingering harshness and/or dryness in the finish/aftertaste; harsh graininess on the palate.

Hop bitterness level on the mouthfeel which can be restrained, moderate, aggressive to harsh.

Artificial butter, butterscotch, or toffee aroma and flavour. Sometimes perceived as slickness on the tongue.

DMS (dimethyl sulfide)
At low levels a sweet, corn-like aroma and flavour. At higher levels may be perceived as cooked, canned, or rotten vegetables.

Aromas and flavours similar to apple, apricot, banana, blackcurrant, cherry, fig,, grapefruit, kiwi, peach, pear, pineapple, plum, raisin, raspberry, roses, strawberry and other fruits. At high levels esters take on solvent notes.

Tastes like cereal or raw grain.

Aromas and flavours of citrus, tropical, fruity, floral, herbal, onion-garlic, sweaty, spicy, woody, green, piney, spruce, resinous notes.

A skunk like aroma, usually caused by poor beer storage and handling.

Aromas and flavours from malts include bread, flour, grainy, biscuit, bready, toast, caramel, prunes, roast coffee, chocolate, smoky to acrid.

An irony, tinny, coiny, blood-like flavour.

Any one or combination of winy, cardboard, papery, or sherry-like aromas and flavours.

Any one or combination of clove, cinnamon, vanilla, antiseptic, mouthwash, medicinal, smoky like aromas and flavours.

Aromas and flavours similar to acetone or lacquer thinner aromas.

Tartness in aroma and flavour. Can be sharp and clean (lactic acid), vinegar-like (acetic acid), or lemony (citric acid). Sensation experienced mostly on the side of tongue.

Sulphur (hydrogen sulphide)
The aroma of rotten eggs or burning matches.

Cooked, canned, or rotten vegetable aroma and flavour.


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