CHEERS Rewards -

CHEERS Rewards for XLM BEER Holders

Welcome to the CHEERS Rewards program for BEER Holders. This is the first version of the program, elements such as percentages, holding structure, bonuses and other parameters may change as we continually review the program and implement improvements.

Our goal is to make CHEERS rewards program the best there is, make it inclusive across holding, duration, voting, staking, and keep it fair and equitable for all, and free from manipulation. Other tokens will be progressively added to the reward program.

To be eligible for CHEERS rewards, all you need to do is hold BEER Tokens. All holders can earn 1%+ in rewards each month. Rewards are distributed based on a few different criteria.

So lets start with a break down of how CHEERS Rewards works.

Rewards are based on BEER Holding CLUB levels.

The BEER ClubsBEER Holding Level
The PONY Club14,000
The POT Club28,500
The CHALICE Club33,000
The SCHOONER Club42,500
The STEIN Club50,000
The PINT Club568,000
The JUG Club1,140,000
The KEG Club5,000,000
The BARRELL Club10,000,000

BEER Club Rewards

Level 1 (25% of 1%) BEER Token HOLDING Reward

All holders automatically earn 25% of 1% of their BEER Token holding as per CLUB Level every month.

Example - a Pony Club Member holding 14,000 BEER would earn 35 CHEERS Tokens per month HOLDING Reward.

Level 2 (37.5% of 1%) BEER Tokens ASSET Reward

Holders can earn an additional 3.75% for each additional BEER asset held (min of 14,000 per asset to qualify). Additional Assets include; Ale, Cider, Drunkcoin, Grain, Hop, IPA, Lager, Ninkasi, Stout and Tip.

Example - a Pony Club Member would earn an additional 5.25 CHEERS Token for each asset they held at the minimum 14,000 level. Maximum CHEERS earned would be 52.5 per month ASSET Reward

Level 3 (monthly multiplier) BEER Tokens DURATION Reward

Holders can earn an additional 3.125% per month per token, a multiplier for every month BEER Tokens assets are held and maintained at current CLUB level or above. If holder drops to a lower CLUB Level from where they started, duration bonus gets reset. 

Example - a PONY Club member would earn 4.38 CHEERS Token in month 1, 8.75 in month 2, 13.12 tokens in month 3 and so on, for each token they held, maximum CHEERS earned would be 429 per year per token. If the Pony Club member drops below 14,000 tokens, the duration reward would be reset to month 1, and the duration reward cycle would start again.

BONUS - Level 4 - Liquidity Pool Rewards

We take a monthly snapshot of selected LP's on a random day during the month and distribute token rewards to the top 25 contributors. Reward tokens are distributed the following month, on random days, times and random accounts. 

Invest in the BEER / XLM Pool earn 10% of BEER you have in the pool in BEER

Invest in the ACTION / BEER pool and earn 10% of your BEER in the POOL and 25M ACTION shared amongst top 25 contributors

LP BONUS: The TOP 25 contributors in the each pool win an exclusive BEER Bottle Bros NFT by Sir Cheesely, our resident artist. There will 99 BEER Bottle Bros in the series, with 50 minted of each one, a fun digital collectible, don't miss your chance to get them all. Please note, the BEER Holding level applies to the pools, meaning you must have at least 14k BEER in the pool to qualify to be in the Top 25

Rewards Payments

Snapshot for all rewards are taken on a random day during the month - Rewards are sent on random days to random accounts during the next month. For BEER Holders who do not have reward asset (CHEERS) or partner asset, rewards will be sent as claimable balances and valid for 30 days, if not claimed within the 30 day period, rewards for the month are forfeited and burned. 

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