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Veza Sur Brewing Co

Miami, Florida, 33127

About Veza Sur Brewing Co

Flavorful and sessionable beers are our focus, perfect for Miami’s everlasting summer. Our team is as culturally diverse as our city of birth and we are proud of our vibrant Latin roots: somos #HechaEnMiami. Veza Sur was created to celebrate the diversity of our South Florida melting pot, with inspiration drawn from foods, culture, music and of course, cerveza. Veza comes from the word cerveza, and Sur comes from the word south – Beer from the south. Our cervezas are brewed with fresh flavors such as Lulo, Mango, Strawberries, Guava – to really encapsulate the tropics not only from South America, but from our home, Miami!


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55 NW 25th St
Miami, Florida, 33127
United States

Veza Sur Brewing Co Portfolio

South Coast IPA

Category: Beers

Tags: IPA

An easy drinking Miami IPA. A beautiful bouquet of hops that Samba dances in harmony giving your nose a brilliant freshness, but with a subtle citrus

Mala Yerba Session IPA

Category: Beers

Tags: IPA

The fusion of the West Coast and Latin America in this nicely balanced IPA. Mala Yerba's fruity hop aroma combhined with low ABV and medium body make

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