The start of the BEER Token mission

Our mission is to drive real world adoption of crypto in a fun and familiar way. 

We are thrilled to be launching the first phase of our strategy - ADOPTION, and that is all about getting BEER Token into local bars, clubs, pubs and craft breweries near you, connecting the BEER Economy nationwide to worldwide.

Say Thanks with BEER Token

Tipping (gratuities) staff for service is an age-old tradition, that usually relies on you the customer on being in the venue to do that.

With BEER Token, we’re taking that one step further, and 100% easier, faster, cheaper to tip the brands, breweries pubs, clubs, venues and staff you love no matter where you are in the world.

Don't wait to say Thanks, do it today with BEER Token.

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Create your BRAND Token

Create a custom Token for your Brand, Brewery or Venue that is publicly tradable on the Stellar Blockchain Network any where in the world.

Let us help you mint your custom BEER Token, get it listed and launched on the Stellar Networks. 


BEER Token Ambassador Program

A global #Beer Token Army, real boots on the ground, a legion of crypto ambassadors, who can all hit the road running, and introduce crypto, Stellar, BEER Token and all other tokens to newcomers to crypto and small businesses around the world.

Join the BEER Army