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Getting Started with XRP $BEER Token

Getting Started with XRP $BEER Token

Welcome XRP BEER Lovers and future BEER-llionaires!

It's a huge milestone in our roadmap establishing BEER Tokens on the XRPL Blockchain. A new way to send BEER money on one of the world's fastest, greenest and cheapest blockchains in XRP, purpose built for swift, secure digital payments.

What is BEER Token.

BEER Tokens are a vision of the future digital economy, a fun familiar peer-to-peer digital asset, providing an alternate way to pay, save, spend, shop and earn, empowering the food, beverage, leisure, lifestyle and entertainment industry, from farm to table, and grain to glass.  As a verified asset on the XRPL, BEER Token is decentralized, driven by the people, and independently operates in the free open market without intervention from banks or governments.

BEER Token Details

  • Token symbol: BEER
  • Token name: BEER Token
  • Total supply: 5,000,000,000 BEER
  • Issuing account: rJSPpLt2tjxaVTaKVBrCPn3Lj8TWZ4y6CY
  • Token code: 4245455200000000000000000000000000000000
  • Verification: KYC Verified

Token Allocation

  • 10% Public Offering
  • 20% Rewards & Incentives
  • 20% Marketing, Partners, Promotions and Trade Shows
  • 20% Development & Operations
  • 20% Reserve for Staking and Liquidity Pools
  • 10% Team

Use Cases

1. Payments
BEER Tokens make it quick, simple, and secure for anyone to transition and adapt to crypto for saving, spending, shopping, sending, lending, trading, and doing business everyday in a familiar way. Using BEER Tokens to pay for beer, alcohol, drinks, meals, shopping, events, gigs, sports bets, shout mates’ virtual beers, send money, tip servers, tip venues, crowdfunding, loyalty programs, staking, rewards for spending, sending, using to saving BEER Tokens.

2. Virtual Voting
The BEER community can vote on projects and public proposals to support industry and agri business initiatives around the world (tokens used for voting, get burned).

3. Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding community approved projects and fundraising to support communities, industry and agri business initiatives around the world (funds get donated).

4. Rewards
Frequent promotions, giveaways and reward programs to raise awareness and visibility of BEER token with new and existing crypto enthusiasts, getting BEER Token into the hands of beer lovers, friends, family and newcomers into the crypto space, in a fun, familiar way. To qualify for rewards, you need to hold at least 14,000 BEER Tokens.

5. Adoption and Usage
We've partnered with VEND a Point of Sale system, working on bridging crypto and fiat, to drive real world usage and adoption at a retail level for everyday purchases at local bars, craft breweries, clubs and pubs in a fun, familiar and entertaining way.

Proposed Reward Program

Level 1. Holding Reward
All holders automatically share in a monthly prize pool of BEER Token based on their % holding. We take a snapshot on a random day through the month of all BEER holders, and distribute rewards to eligible addresses.

Level 2. LP Reward
We take a monthly snapshot of selected LP's on a random day during the month and distribute token rewards to all LP contributors based on their % position. Reward tokens are distributed the following month, on random days, times and random accounts. 

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