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GRAINFUDING is just like crowdfunding, but focused on positive social impact, supporting farmers, bakers and brewers across the world who are facing increased cost pressure from rising energy prices, raw material costs, and carbon taxes. At the same time your helping to help farmers reduce carbon emissions with proven grass roots methods used for centuries.

GRAINFUNDING allows anyone anywhere in the world the opportunity to support farmers though the Stellar Blockchain in the form of Grain Token and earning special growable NFT's and rewards that are unlocked at different levels.

Meet Marcel Van Silfhout and GraanGeluk our GLOBAL GRAINFUNDING Partner.

GraanGeluk is a grain farming operation based in the Netherlands pioneered by Marcel Van Silfhout, an investigative journalist, turned farmer focusing on growing ancient grains for BEER and bread, using traditional artisanal methods, bringing back the natural biodiversity and agro-ecology of the land.

With GraanGeluk you sow healthy fields, restore biodiversity and create opportunities for insects, wild bees, butterflies and farmland birds such as partridge and skylark. The process developed by Marcel over many years is a template for sustainable farming that can be implemented anywhere in the world.

GraanGeluk sells the grains to local bakeries and breweries, and also produces an award winning craft beer.

How it Works.

GRAIN Tokens are used to buy a virtual parcel of Grainland. Each parcel directly supports sowing of ancient grains and crops in 100m2 of arable land for one season in real life.

Parcel owners receive a seasonal certificate, special growable NFT that can be sown and harvested through the year to reap special prizes and rewards.

Proceeds of GRAINFUNDING goes back to the farmers to restore fields back to healthy soils, directly supporting local fields with ancient grains, and traditional techniques to revitalize and encourage biodiverse ecological farming.

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