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The BEER Directory now online

The BEER Directory now online

Gday BEER Lovers ❤️  

After many tears, BEER, and then more BEER, we are happy to reach a milestone in the BEER Project, and a big step in our adoption strategy. I am very happy to share we have the Business Directory up and running with venues in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA and Canada now online, Europe and Asia next.

The directory features almost 70,000 bars, cafes, clubs, pubs and more, and is super easy and quick to find a local near you. Almost as good as Google without the ads.


As we transition local businesses onto Stellar or XRPL wallets, the directory makes it easy to pin point crypto friendly businesses (VEND points) where you can use tokens. As users, you can bookmark venues, leave reviews, sort them into lists, and lots more features. It’s just the start, we have lots more in store.

and stay tuned, The Ambassador Program is about to get ACTIVATED 

Local business get started here   


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