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Posted 11/10/2021 in Directory Listing

Directory Listing Statistics Overview

Profile Statistics allows BEER Directory members to track daily activity on their listing in real-time, then use this information to adjust strategy and grow their online presence.

Data on your profile is tracked as soon as your listing is active, and continues, daily, month on month, year on year until your profile is deactivated or cancelled.

How to view Profile Statistics

The Profile Statistics tool is broken up into different sections; Profile visits, Phone number views, Website clicks, Social media Clicks, Post Clicks and more. You can track results daily and monthly for each item and the information is all stored in your dashboard

What is tracked in my Profile Analytics data?

  • Profile Visits: View the number of visits to your profile
  • Phone Number Views: View clicks to view your phone number on your listing profile
  • Website Clicks: View the number of times your website URL has been clicked
  • Post Views: View clicks on your content such as Photos, Videos, Space Listings, Events and Promotions. A great way to see what's popular and adjust your strategy
  • Social media Clicks: View clicks from your profile to your social media pages.

Click on any reporting Month to drill down to daily activity on each statistic area.

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