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Ride On West Coast IPA

Our Ride On West Coast IPA brings together our Brewers' love of aromatic...

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Club Tread Mandarin IPA

Welcome to the club! We set out on a brewing adventure to make a 5% IPA full...

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Hazy BEER Hug

An amazingly approachable true Hazy IPA, Hazy Beer Hug is filled with notes...

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BC Brewery

BCB is comprised of the most amazing and happy folks! We all love what we do and... Located in Cockeysville, MD

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16 Point Imperial IPA

This Imperial IPA is a real banger. Pick up a can and drop the bass. It's...

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Contact Haze Hazy IPA

Contact Haze is a tangled chemistry of mild haze, low bitterness, and explosive...

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Hop Rain Drop IPA

Inspired by the Southern Appalachian temperate rain forest, this brew is perfect...

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Freak of Nature Double IPA

Freak of Nature. Noun. 1. An unusual, unexpected natural phenomenon. 2. An...

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Cold Waters Cold IPA

Cold Waters is a Cold IPA that combines the hoppiness of a traditional IPA...

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Dr Dank IPA

Dr. Dank’s delectable botanicals offer the dankest of flavors to expand...

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Wynwood Brewing

Wynwood is Miami's first craft production brewery. Founded by Luis Brignoni... Located in Miami, FL

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Rodeo Clown Imperial Tropical ...

It's a job! And a dangerous one at that. There's no question that a...

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Breckenridge Brewery

We were just a few ski-bums who wanted something that tasted great after a... Located in Littleton, CO

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Hazy Hero® Hazy IPA

Gaze into the mist and discover the transcendental supremacy of American hops...

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Low & Hazy IPA

Inspired by the low and hazy clouds that roll through the Southern Appalachian...

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The BEER Blog

Beer Styles + Food Pairings

Today there are literally thousands of great breweries and beers to choose from. From the traditional ales, barrel aged beauties, hoppy IPA’s,...

Posted 01/17/2023

Beer Flavor Descriptors. Describe the taste of beer like a pro.

The best part of learning about beer is in the tasting. There are so many ways to describe the look, taste and characteristics of a brew. As...

Posted 01/10/2023

What's in BEER? Discover what makes up the humble brew.

Beer used to be a chore left for the ladies to do alongside baking the bread for the family to eat. Today brewing is an art enjoyed by many,...

Posted 01/07/2023

BEER on the Blockchain - with Pete Kais & Matt Rickard

A true honor to talk BEER and Web3 Stories with Matt Rickard from The Blue Marble. We had a great time chatting about the BEER project and how...

Posted 12/06/2022

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Beer Events and Festivals

Halifax Seaport Cider and Beerfest

Start Date: 08/10/2023

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Start Date: 05/19/2023

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The Brewers Of Europe Forum

Start Date: 05/21/2023

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Craft Beer China Conference Exhibition

Start Date: 05/30/2023

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Craft Brewers Conference Brewexpo Americ...

Start Date: 05/07/2023

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OHIO Craft Brewers Conference

Start Date: 01/31/2023

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GULF COAST BEER & BACON (and chocolate) ...

Start Date: 03/04/2023

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Newest Reviews

Longhorn Bar LLC
Burnt food Went here for Happy Hour  on August  17, 2022. Almost everyone ordered...
Lutz Tavern
Pink inside Ordered the lutz burger. It was under cooked still mushy pink inside and...
Harris and Ollie's
Best meal in ages We had a family meal here and it was delicious.  The staff were lovely...
The Indian SmokeHouse Bar & Grill
First timers Today the wife and tried the smokehouse first time we had Indian mixed grill...
The tattooed goose
Discusting 45 minutes to get breakfast order was wrong asked 3 times for pepper the young...
Ellington's Wine Bar & Rooftop
Stumbled upon Sunday afternoon cruising in Ballarat. Stumbled upon this wine bar that serves...
V & B Northampton
A must visit Found this place today. An excellent find. Definitely recommend a much needed...
Theydon Oak Village Pub & Dining
Worst restaurant Service was slow and when we got food it was the wrong order and when we got...
Sellwood Saloon
Blown away over rude service Blonde lady has zero business working in customer service absolutely rude...